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Poland is a large country. In European standards, of course. :-)
It means we have a lot of flights passing over every single day.
Except for regional and international flights between the European countries of the South, North, East and West, we do spot quite a lot of intercontinental flights too. Mainly between Europe and Asia plus Australia. If you enjoy watching carriers like Qantas, Emirates, Air India, Thai, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia, JAL, Air China and many many others, flying between hubs like Heathrow, Schiphol, Frankfurt Main or Roissy, you can share our passion of everyday's reports (including photos), as well as find tones of precious information here.

Please enjoy all the gorgeous photographs in the Polish part of the Forum (they come plentiful on each day unless the weather spoils the fun) and share your thoughts and information here.

Your posts will always be answered.

Remember, there are no boundaries in the skies!

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