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27 października 2006, 23:39

There are many skilled photogrphers among us. They take stunning pictures of what they are spotting. You can freely watch these pics and enjoy the aircraft shown.

Some of the photographers are world-famous, like Piotr Tyranski (Eltoro3), whose gorgeous in-flight photos can be found on http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.s ... entry=true.
But he is not the only great Polish aero-photographer. Please feel free to meet the others too.

The photos are added regularly and you can find them under "Samoloty Pasazerskie nad Polska" (which means: "Airliners over Poland") and then going to "Samoloty na wysokosciach przelotowych - X 2006", where "X" is the month (e.g. "Wrzesien" which is "September").

A good example of what we mean is http://www.rnavspotters.fora.pl/viewtop ... &start=165