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What camera?

: 29 kwietnia 2008, 23:18
autor: Asdrius
As I destroyed my old camera, I have to buy a new one. Maybe I'll get some advice from someone in these forum. :)

Main dilema is do I have to get a DSLR or can I make high quality contrail pics with modern but simple point and shoot digital camera?
I want it to connect to my Pentax PF-65EDA spotting scope. There is also an PF-CA35 adapter to connect my scope in combination with a Pentax 35mm-format SLR camera to get 780mm and a fixed aperture of F12 . But is it worth the money? Or can I get a decent quality with much cheaper point-and shoot cameras?

Re: What camera?

: 30 kwietnia 2008, 18:25
autor: jpro747
I would reccommend a DSLR camera as these can be attached easily and they allow you to shoot directly without any lens. You can get some great cameras these days for next to nothing, Canon 20D, 300D and 350D are some fantastic cameras and can be bought really cheap second hand. Have a look on eBay.

Good luck,

Re: What camera?

: 09 czerwca 2008, 22:32
autor: Asdrius

So I chose DSLR and bought Pentax K200D and also PF-CA35 adapter to connect to my scope. Photos from June are first results of this combination. Still some things to learn, but I find this combination acceptable. Of course results are not as good as with telescope, but I like my equipment to be much more lighter and easier to transport.