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How to remove noise from photos?

: 05 września 2008, 15:57
autor: Asdrius
Like probably many amateur photographers I have problem with too much noise ruining my photos. I would like to know how you all try to fight with this problem.

1. First of all I try to avoid noise in making photos. I try to chose correct exposure, lowest ISO setting (ISO 100) and use tripod and remote shutter to avoid movement. But still my photos come out with too much noise. :-( What can be done more? What is better to make less noise: Overexpose or underexpose?

2. After taking a photo where is a lot's of options in removing noise by software. I use NeatImage, but I am not very happy with the results, it makes little difference, or blurs the photo too much. Probably there is too much noise in my photos to start with, or maybe I am doing something not right. When is better to apply noise removal: before editing the photo (croping, sharpening, levels) or after editing?

Re: How to remove noise from photos?

: 06 września 2008, 01:21
autor: grztus
Hi, for lower noise is better to use a little of overexpose (in my case usually it's +0.3 or +0.5 EV).
Have you got the advance mode setting enable in your Neat Image? You will get with it better control for your pictures postprocessing.