June 2012

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Rejestracja: 06 czerwca 2007, 18:24
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Because of the football championship, this week I could see lot's of charter flights between Stockholm and Kiev.
I hope Sweden will play well. :)

Tried catching some of them:

2012.06.14 12:52 M870, FL310
Avro RJ-100 SE-DSR Malmo Aviation ; SCW622 ESSB-UKKK

2012-06-14 13:09 M870, FL330
B737-300 OY-JTH; Jettime; JTG848 ESSA-UKKK

2012-06-14 18:50 M870
MD-83 UR-CEL; Khors Air; KHO4439 ESSA-UKKK
Happy to see MD-83 still flying. This type is getting very rare in my area.
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